Can I have more than one bag?

It is our policy with new customers to accept one bag only in the first instance. Once we have received and sorted your first bag, and issued payment, you can easily order more via your Return to Earn account.

Can I order a bag over the phone?

Please fill in the blue form to order a bag, as we cannot issue them in response to telephone requests.

If you are a returning customer, log in to order another bag easily.

Can I organise a collection in my own bags?

No. We cannot collect clothes in bin liners or other bags, as they tend to burst in transit. Please provide your address details so that we can send you a specially-made, durable bag.

I would like to run a charity collection for my school/youth group/club. Can you collect large quantities of clothing donated by our members?

As with regular customers, we ask that you allow us to collect one 30 kg bag from you before we commit to greater volumes. Whilst there is no upper limit on the amount of clothing we are willing to buy from you, we ask that you allow us to take one 'test' bag from you first, to ensure that you are going to be happy with our service. Just fill in the blue form to the right hand side of this screen in the usual manner.

I would like another bag. How can I order one?

Log in and click 'Get your free bag today'. As long as you do not already have a bag which has not yet been collected, a new bag will be dispatched automatically.

If you have a bag which still needs to be collected, you will be directed to the online collection booking facility.



What are the payment methods available to me?

When you register, you can choose to be paid in one of four ways:


  • Cheque (a £0.99 handling fee applies to all cheque payments)
  • PayPal - instantaneous - be sure to register using your PayPal-compatible email address
  • Marks and Spencer e-voucher - redeemable when you shop at M&S online
  • Donate your earnings to St Mungo's homelessness charity

Find out more about payment methods by visiting our 'What we pay'' page.

My garment isn't listed on the 'What we buy' page. How do I know whether it will be accepted?

Feel free email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions about specific items of clothing.

I have not received my cheque. What should I do?

We are able to provide the cheque number and the posting date of every cheque we send. We send our cheques by Royal Mail, so although they may be subject to occasional delay, they are in the best possible hands.

Some cheques, unfortunately, do not reach their intended recipient and we are able to reissue such cheques for a cost of £12.50 (to cover the bank charge associated with cancelling the original).

I have not received my PayPal payment. What should I do?

It is important to remember to claim your funds - customers sometimes do not claim retrieve their money, once we have made payment. We are happy to reissue payments which have not yet been completed, or to cancel them and send a cheque, if this is more convenient.

Are you able to return any clothes which you're not able to buy?

Sadly, we are not able to return items which do not meet our purchase criteria. We have such clothing recycled (nothing goes to landfill) but we cannot send it back to you. It is for this reason that we ask all our customers to familiarise themselves with our purchase criteria before packing their bags.



I have lost my password and can't log in. What now?

Click here. It will be sent to the email address you provided when registering.

If you cannot access your emails, please contact our customer service team, who will verify your identity and manually reset your password.

I have changed address/changed my name/changed my phone number. How can I change my details with Return to Earn?

Simply log in and click on 'Edit my data'. This will ensure that your next bag is sent to your new address.

Please note, if you change your address details before booking a collection, your collection will still take place from your previous address.

If you would like your bag collecting from an address other than the one with which you registered, please contact our customer service team, will be happy to arrange this for you.

My bag hasn't got a label on it. How will you know it's mine?

Don't worry that your bag doesn't have a label; we have teamed up with APC Overnights to create one label which can be processed by both companies, and which the driver will bring with him/her on the day of collection. This label is used to ensure your bag is delivered to the right address and to identify you as its owner.

I have had a bag sorted and would like some more details about the process. Where can I find these?

By logging in to your account, you can find a breakdown of your bag, including the date on which it was received by us, the date we sorted it and how much you earned.

If there were any items we weren't able to accept, we provide a photo library of pictures taken during the sorting process, to help you understand the reasons for which an item may not be suitable for purchase.



I am already registered and would like to request my collection. How can I do this?

As a registered customer, you can request a collection by logging in, or by using 'Request a collection' button at the top of any page.

We can also book a collection for you if you contact a member of our customer service team.

I work full time, and cannot wait in for the courier. Can I still organise a collection?

Yes! We are happy to collect from outside your house, or from another address. Just contact our customer service team This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to provide the necessary details.

Can I book a collection for any time of day?

We unfortunately cannot specify a collection time at the point of booking. The collections can take place any time between 0800 and 1800. If you cannot be home during this time, please leave the bag on your doorstep with an obvious signed note, authorizing APC Overnights to collect it.

I am moving house. Is it possible to have a collection at one address and my cheque posted to another address?

Of course. Just let us know your new address, and we will be pleased to post the cheque to you there. Alternatively, choose PayPal as your payment method to receive your funds anywhere.

My bag was collected but I haven't heard anything. What should I do?

First, check your Junk Mail and any other email addresses you have. An email will be sent confirming receipt of your bag at the Return to Earn site, and a confirmation email featuring payment details will be sent as soon as your bag is sorted.

Log in to find out the delivery status of your bag - if 'APC Overnights Status' reads 'Delivered' then we have your bag and will be in touch directly.

Like any business, we experience busy and quiet times, so although we always aim to sort your bag on the day it arrives, we may be so busy that it takes a day or two longer.