St Mungo's Broadway

St Mungo's Broadway

St Mungo's Broadway is a forty year old charity, offering the UK's most comprehensive range of services to people affected by homelessness. They provide accommodation for over 1,700 homeless people every night, including hostels, care homes for elderly rough sleepers, and women's refuges. Offering shelter is only just the beginning. St Mungo's Broadway support their clients in their recovery from homelessness and help them towards a positive future.


"Skills & Employment" is a programme of skills training provided by St Mungo's Broadway for homeless people, including life skills, job training and recognised qualifications. In facilities ranging from music studios to wood workshops, they run apprenticeships within their own organisation and with partner companies like ours.


70% of St Mungo's Broadway clients have a mental health problem and 64% have a significant physical health condition, so health support is also integral to recovery. The multi-layered health services support St Mungo's Broadway clients' needs in physical health, mental health, substance use and wellbeing.


St Mungo's Broadway also works to prevent homelessness by lobbying government and providing outreach workers on the street who speak to rough sleepers every night of the year.They also have teams based in seven prisons.


Return to Earn is proud to support to St Mungo's Broadway. If you would like to support this fantastic charity as well, simply select 'Donate to St Mungo's Broadway' when registering for a bag and the proceeds of your sale will be donated, to help improve the lives of homeless people in the UK.