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Friends earn more!

Here at Return to Earn we like to treat our friends well. That's why we're offering the special (and very friendly) rate of £0.70 per kilo to everyone who likes us on Facebook.


If you would like to earn even more cash for clothes you don't need, just hop on over to Facebook and like the Return to Earn page to receive a special referral code. Enter the code when ordering your bag (or, for existing customers, your next bag!) and we'll pay you £0.70 for every kilo of clean, undamaged clothes we receive from you.


  1. Like us on Facebook
  2. Order a bag using the referral code generated
  3. Book a free collection on the day of your choice


Voilà! You earn £0.70 a kilo, an amazing price for clothes you no longer wear! We will swap your clothes for cash and pay you by whatever method you choose - PayPal, cheque or e-voucher. Find out more about our payment methods here.


Remember, we can only accept clothes in good, clean and undamaged condition. Check out our 'What we buy' pages to be sure you're packing suitable items.


We have included a small change to our Terms and Conditions to reflect the ‘Friends earn more’ offer - find it here.


We like to do nice things for our friends, so we’re offering the amazing price of £0.70/kg for clothes sent by everyone who likes us on Facebook.


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