Get cash for clothes - See how it works

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Request your free Return to Earn bag

Request your free Return to Earn bag

Fill in the blue form on the right of this screen and we will issue a white RTE printed bag to your address within one business day and set up a customer account for you. Log in at any time to view or amend your details.


Provide us with the collection address and preferred payment method.


One of our white RTE printed bag will hold up to 30 kg (roughly equivalent to six black bin liners) of clothing and we issue only one to new customers. This is to prevent large amounts of unsuitable clothing being sent, for which we are unable to pay. After the first bag has been sorted and payment has reached you, you can easily request more bags.



Fill the bag

Fill the bag with clothes

When the bag reaches you, simply fill it with all your undamaged, unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories. We advise packing shoes and pointed accessories in the middle, to prevent tearing.


We have strict criteria determining what we will accept. All items must be in good condition – to avoid disappointment, please familiarise yourself with our standards, as stated in the 'What we buy' section of this website. Designer or high-street, it doesn't matter, all we ask is that the clothes are clean, undamaged and in good condition. A good rule of thumb is to include only items that someone would want to wear, but might not have the money to buy new.



Arrange a collection

Arrange a collection

When your bag weighs at least 12 kg, arrange a collection by clicking the 'Request your collection' button at the top right-hand corner of the screen, by calling us on 0330 001 0462 or by logging in. Our independent 3rd party partner courier company, APC Overnight, collects daily from throughout the mainland UK so you can choose a date that is convenient for you.


They are also under instruction to collect from porches, doorsteps or gardens if you are not going to be present, although please note that bags are left outside at your own risk. Please leave a signed note stating that collection is of a 'big White bag' and the bag's location, so that the driver doesn't mistake it for household rubbish.


Note: The return bag must be left clearly visible by the front door if opting for pick up without being present on the day of collection. This option is not available to residents of Flats/Apartments for obvious restrictions.

'Although our bags are water resilient, try not to leave them anywhere damp, or outside on a rainy day!'


You can easily track your bag back to us by logging in your Return to Earn account.

APC Overnight text message update

Please note your bag processing can currently take around 7-18 days from the collection day.


Get paid for your clothes


Get paid for clothes

Please note that valuations can take up to 10 working days of collection during peak periods. Payment is issued upon the completion of the valuation process.


Our trained staff will sort and review all of the clothes, shoes and accessories that you send. You will be paid £0.50 per kilo for all the clothes which meet the standards set out in 'What we buy'. When your bag's contents have been sorted and valued, we will send you a cheque via Royal Mail, or pay you instantly using PayPal. You may also receive an e-voucher, redeemable at Marks and Spencer, or donate your earnings to our sponsored charity, St Mungo's.




We endeavour to process all bags the day we receive them and you will be paid within one week of the collection. The amount you are paid will reflect the weight of clothing we are able to buy from you. We can only buy clothes that meet our criteria as listed on the 'What we buy' page, that are of good quality and without damage of any sort. Please see the list of items we won't accept in case you are unsure.


We are proud to provide a unique photo-record system which allows you to log in and view details of your bag. Here you will find photographs demonstrating the unsuitability of items we may unfortunately have been unable to accept. We are the only company to offer this level of transparency.


If our guide hasn't answered all of your questions we also have an FAQ section or you can contact our customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..