Unique photo-record system

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Return to Earn is constantly innovating in terms of our technology and our customer service. We recognise the importance of transparency and accountability to our business, and have worked hard to create a responsive, accessible system which offers the most comprehensive and detailed reporting on the market.

Unique photo record system

Our trained staff weigh and check the clothes we receive, and if there are any we are unable to accept (because of failure to adhere to our purchase criteria) we will photograph only a sample of the rejected items. By demonstrating to our customers the kind of problems which exclude clothing from purchase, we grant them added peace of mind and the chance to make the most of their sale next time.


No other, similar, company offers a comparable degree of honest, thorough feedback to its customers. No other company offers its customers photos of their clothing, taken on site, as part of its service.


We are pleased and proud to be able to demonstrate this much responsibility to our customers, and to have created an efficient, user-friendly reporting system with which we hope to change the face of the cash for clothes business for good.