If you are a new customer, please request your first bag using the blue form to the "How it works" page.

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Request a collection

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To arrange a collection, fill in the form above requesting the date on which you would like the collection to take place. Alternatively, log in to book your collection or to review existing collections. Our collections are handled by APC Overnight and can take place on any weekday (excluding Saturday, Sunday and holidays); until midday, you can even arrange collection for the next day.



White RTE printed bags

Only our own bags will be collected by APC Overnight and sorted by our staff here in London, so please ensure you are using the correct bags.

Black bin liners, boxes or carrier bags cannot be collected, or paid for.

Please ensure you squeeze the air out of your bag and seal it tightly.


Request a collection APC Overnight Collection

Premium Collection service by APC Overnight

All packages can be tracked via APC Overnight’s website once they have left you, and you will receive text updates if you sign up for these at the point of registration.

Track your bag by logging in and clicking 'Open bags'. Your bag's current location is found under 'APC Overnight Status'.

If you are leaving the bag outside, please leave a clear note authorizing the driver to take the 'white RTE printed bag'. Drivers are employees of APC Overnight, not Return to Earn, and will not necessarily know what they are there to collect.


Please bear in mind that our insurance will only cover the clothes once they have been collected.