Return to Earn pack

When you register on the site we create an individual return pack for you. The pack comes with a number of items that you will need to start earning cash.


Each pack includes:

  1. Our bag – ready for you to fill with your unwanted items.Bag now comes with label attached containing unique order reference number as well as Identifiable postage address details (not to be removed).
  2. Cable tie to secure the bag inside.


How many bags do I get in the pack?

We provide you with one bag per pack. Each bag is very large and can hold the contents of several standard black bags.


Our bags have been specially designed with you in mind. We have created a bag which is durable, water resistant and able to hold a lot of items. The quality of the bag means it can take 30 kg in weight.Please try not to exceed our maximum weight threshold of 30 kg as the designated 3rd party courier may run into health and safety concerns if the bag exceeds this weight.


We ask you for a minimum of 12 kilos per bag which is about the weight of eight 1.5 litre bottles of water. Unfortunately we can't process any bag that weighs less than 12 kilos.


After filling the bag please make sure it is securely sealed with the plastic tie provided.


When you have filled your bag all you need to do is request your collection online.


The easiest way to fit a lot of clothing in is to fold the clothes neatly. They also need to be clean, unstained, without animal hair on them and free from odour (see our Tips page). The clothes need to be undamaged and not faded or heavily worn.