Tips: How to sell to us

We want to buy as much clothing from you as possible. In order to maximise the profit you make from your unwanted clothing and improve your experience with Return to Earn, here are some simple things to bear in mind when choosing items to send to us:


  1. When packing each garment, ask yourself if you would buy it, in its current condition, for yourself. We recycle your clothing for other people's use, so it must be suitable for wear in order to be suitable for purchase.

  2. If you wear a strong perfume, or if your clothing has been stored in an attic, bear in mind that it may have acquired a smell. Give it a sniff to be sure.

  3. If your clothing is dirty, smelly or covered in animal hair, just giving it a wash may make it fit for sale. Be sure to dry it afterwards, though!

  4. Once your clothing is packed and ready to send, try not to leave it in a room where people smoke, or to which your pets have access. This could undo all your hard work by dirtying the clothes again.

  5. Check the soles of your shoes; shoes in a good, undamaged condition (maybe a pair which turned out to be a bad fit and were only worn a few times) are perfect to send to us.

  6. Damage such as holes, fraying or missing buttons may prevent us from buying your clothes, so please look carefully in order to make the most of your transaction.

  7. Although our bags are waterproof, try not to leave them anywhere damp, or outside on a rainy day.


Unsure about something? Our customer service team are always to answer questions about our service.


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