What we buy and what we don’t buy

We pay cash for clothes like these:

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We can't pay cash for clothes like these:

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Tips: how to sell to us

  1. When packing each garment, ask yourself if you would buy it, in its current condition, for yourself

  2. If your clothing is dirty, smelly or covered in animal hair, just giving it a wash may make it fit for sale. Be sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards, though!

  3. We want clothes in good condition; please check for damage such as bobbling, holes or missing buttons

  4. If your clothing is stained, faded or has any discolouration, please don't include it in your bag

Find out more about how to sell to us by visiting our Tips page.


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If you can't find a specific item, or if you would like more information, feel free to contact us directly. Just use our contact form.