Miscellaneous or Incomplete Clothing


Incomplete suits of clothing cannot be paid for, and nor can certain sundry items. Odd socks, pyjamas and other bits and bobs which are of no use to you... aren’t of any use to us, either!


  • Sundries
    • used pyjamas
    • bathrobes
    • martial arts suits
    • used underwear
    • used socks
    • kitchen aprons
    • ties
  • Incomplete Clothing
    • odd socks
    • single gloves
    • suit trousers without jacket
    • suit jacket without trousers
  • Home knitted
    • scarves
    • babies’ knitwear
    • knitted jumpers
    • hats
  • Home repaired
    • stitched
    • darned
    • iron-on repair tape
    • home alterations such as shortening
    • patches

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Incomplete clothes Incomplete Bathrobe Bathrobe Martial arts suit Martial arts suit


Home knitted Home knitted