What we pay

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We pay the fantastic rate of £0.50 per kilogram for your good quality clothing, shoes and accessories. To make the most of your sale, please ensure you send us clean clothes and shoes that aren't damaged. We can only pay for clothing that we accept, based on the criteria we outline in our "What we buy" pages. If clothes do not meet these criteria then we cannot pay for them.


Friends earn more

Like us on Facebook to get a special referral code entitling you to £0.70 per kilo.


Check to see what we accept in case you're not sure: What we buy


You have three payment options:




PayPal is a safer, faster, more secure way to get paid online – your financial details are never shared.

Payments will be made to the registered email address only. Please make sure the correct PayPal email is used on the registration form.






We are proud to work with Marks and Spencer.

Choose this option to receive your e-code by email, which can be used online and in the store to purchase your items from Marks and Spencer. Items can also be delivered to your office or home for hassle-free shopping!





Cheques are sent by Royal Mail on the day we process your bag. You will receive an email confirming the value.

Please note, all cheques are subject to a £0.99 handling fee, which will be subtracted from your payment.


Cheques will only be made out to the name we have on the registration form.